Thursday, 12 June 2014

Top 5 Online Shoping Sites in Pakistan

Online shopping or online retailing is a form of electronic commerce ( e-commerce) which allows the consumer to buy gods directly from the seller over the Internet using the web-browser.
The trend of online shopping is getting popular day by day in Pakistan but not as popular as in western countries. Online shopping is growing but with the slow pace as people have little awareness about it.
How buying goods over Interent takes place in Pakistan;  credit cards? No but the most popular method that is cash on delivery or money transfer,as most of the population does not have credit cards. This is taken from the initial models of call-to-order shopping, which allows people to call and place orders and pay cash on delivery. The concept of online shopping through website, take the old model just one step further, where people can order by a click of a button.
People usually buy electronic items such as cell phones, computers,tablet PC’s and computer accessories, laptops from online stores. With the rapid increase in the trend of online shopping, a bright future of eCommerce and online marketing can be expected in Pakistan which can improve the economy of Pakistan.

1. is a website with huge variety of clothes, mobiles, laptops, electronic products and home accessories for Pakistani users. It won’t be wrong to say is giving a tough competition to Amazon and eBay like stores. The delivery of the products is always right on time and they never compromise the quality of the products and never deliver the products late. For the trust of the clients matters a lot and they are never ready to take it lightly. This is might be the reason behind their success and worthwhile repute among all the e-stores in Pakistan.

 This e-store emphasizes on selling men and women outfits. You can, in addition to this, find a lot of accessories, fashion shoes, handbags and jewelry ranges at this store. The women who cannot go out to shop their favorite fashion products can give a try to You will definitely find a lot of varieties, brands and choices to go with. In its different categories, the bigger pictures of the products and brands are enough catchy to make you crazy about the online shopping.



4. is a website that deals with cameras, compute devices, smartphones, laptops, fashion outfits, children toys and various home accessories. At this e-store you can easily check on the hot deals and best offers of the day by searching different categories. The products and accessories are always branded and come with money back guarantee. It means you would never have to worry about the quality and reliability as's support team is always there to resolve all your problems regarding the purchase of a product. 


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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Technology News From Around The World (Part 1)

Intel Launches XEON Processor

Intel Corporation Introduced the Intel Xeon Processor E7 v2 family to help companies in a variety of industries from retail and healthcare to banking and transportation turn data into actionable insights, a statement said. Using analytics enable businesses to make decision that improve top-line and bottom-line results, it said. The Intel Xeon Processor E7 v2 family delivers new capabilities to process and analyse large, diverse amounts of data to unlock information that was previously inaccessible, it said. 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cool Tools


This is the leather wallet that recharges a smartphone anywhere in the world.The trifold wallet has a 680 mAh rechargeable battery integrated into one panel, providing up to two hours of additional talk time without requiring access to a traditional power outlet. Made from geniune calfskin, a supply yet durable cowhide, the wallet resist the wear and tear of everyday use while remaining buttery soft.

Facebook Go at All 10 Mobile Systems

Facebook came perilously close to missing the mobile boat a few year ago, but it saw the light—aided, no doubt, by the glare coming from investors—and embarked on a strong mobile strategy. Now the company appears poised to live long and prosper, as long as it can avoid making any big mistakes. The bigger they are, the harder they fall and all that.
    In 2004, Harvard undergrads become the first group to use Facebook – the social network launched at the college. Fast –forward a decade and the company is a technology mammoth, with1.23 million users and profit of US$1.5 Billion FOR 2013.

10 Steps To Make Your Pc Safe For 2016

New malware continues to be introduced at an alarming rate, from about 5000% over the past five years. These growth rates would be the dream of a shareholder, but is this case, are simply proof of the immense profitability of the industry hacks. Your personal data, online connections or access to your PC sound of cash registers. This makes it profitable for smart programmers to develop more sophisticated and less easily detected malware. However, there is no need to panic; we’ll show you in this article how to avoid unnecessary risks and to prepare the computer to surf the web safely in 2014!

Keep Your System Updated

 If it is true that the update notifications can be irritating, it is  important that your PC all the installed programs and stay    up to date. The malware writers often use the newly  discovered software weaknesses (called “vulnerability”) to  get their malicious software on your PC through exploits.    Therefore, it is appropriate to update regularly (especially if  it is popular) software to fill the potential security holes in  the shortest possible time. In particular, the following  software on your PC must always be maintained:

 OS (Windows operating System)

 Your browser : Microsoft Internet Explorer,  Firefox,Chrome,Opera, etc.
 Adobe Acrobat Reader
 Adobe Flash Player
 Java Runtime
 Apple Quick Time Video Player
 The media player (VLC, iTunes, Windows Media Player)

Use Secure Passwords

Use a secure password even if your PC is secure like a safe, it is useless if an unauthorized person gets his hands on the keys. It does not matter if your windows session, the e-mail account or an online website, always use secure password! A strong password is at least eight characters long and contains a number, a capital letter and a special character, such as “ApL47bAk” Avoid words and names  password for each account or connections. If you use the same password everywhere, and a hacker gets a hold of it, they can instantly access all your data. To keep track of multiple passwords, you should use a password manager.

Using a Router

And; common these days for packages to include wireless Internet router. A router allows multiple devices to use the same Internet connection simultaneously. From the point of view of safety is a huge benefit that the PC is not connected directly to the Internet that makes it difficult to treat and attack directly. If for any reason you do not have a router, you should consider a good investment. The same rules apply to the router – keep up to date with regular updates of the firmware and use an administrator password secure.

Avoid File Sharing Sites

Besides the fact that they offer content that is illegal, file sharing sites are among the most common sources of malware infection. Cracking programs or so-called key generators (the “keygen”), in particular, are often infected with malware. It’s safer to download the software from the manufacturer’s website or download the well-known portal.

Limited User Accounts

Many windows users use the administrator’s account. As an administrator, you have unlimited access to all aspects of access to the system, which allows the malware running as administrator to spread with ease. If you have windows XP, you must use an account with limited user rights to work and surf the web. Windows Vista, 7 and 8 are equipped with a built-in user account control and registered (UAC). Each process can cause damage or pose a threat to the security of your system must have the administrator unknown or suspicious free!

Avoid Questionable Website And Accessories For E-mail

Today, the majority of malware is spread by so-called drive-by downloads and modern websites that use technologies that allows seamless communication between the browser and web server without prompting the user. Programmers’ website criminals rely on this technology to exploit security vulnerabilities in different browsers. It is advisable to stay away from other dubious or shady sites (particularly those that offer file sharing, wares or adult) and keep your browser updated as described in step 1.
Attachments are another popular way of spreading malware. Use a good spam filter is the most effective solution. Always be wary of e-mails from unknown senders and pay special attention to all attachments before opening them, such exe executable files are often disguised as documents or images. E-mail with password protected zip file almost always contain malware attachments and can not be checked by antivirus for password protection.

Use Wireless Network With Caution

Use Wi-Fi securely there are many public Wi-Fi access points available that allow you to check e-mail and surf the Internet when you use your laptop or smartphone away from home. However, every time you connect to a Website or check e-mail via non Wi-Fi, others can read that data log-in. When using public WiFi hotspot, avoid sending confidential data unless absolutely necessary, and even then only on a secure connection!
You can recognize a secure connection to a site for the presence of https:// in the address bar (HTTPS =Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). Search this when connecting to online banking sites, forums, web-mail, Facebook or Ebay – in general any connection. If you use an e-mail program, you must enable the secure authentication of the software itself. Comprehensive advice on how to use a WiFi networks in safely can be found in the knowledge base Emsisoft:
How to use your WiFi network safely and effectively at home and on the road

Beware Download Envelopes and Boxes Preset Control

After downloading the software in question from the web, can often find a new browser or toolbar appeared unexpectedly on your PC. This is usually due to a lack of attention quickly by clicking on”Next” during installation. Unfortunately, many companies have moved to consolidate their software with other programs for financial reason. Must be acknowledged during installation, but boxes are usually pre-selected, which means that you have to clear to avoid installing additional software. Keep in mind that every program installed on your PC consumes not only the disk space and system resources, but also a potential source of risk through exploits.
Download the packages are even more insidious. Some download portals use them to download file destination. Therefore, it receives the first casing to download the desire file. The envelope then downloads the desired on your PC. This allows you to display annoying when downloading and installing banners, and perhaps even aggressively entice you to download software or toolbar that you do not want. As if that were not enough, this practice leaves the door open for hackers, therefore, it is essential that you pay attention during the download and installation, as explained in our article on how to download the packages.

Pay Particular Attention to Banking Online

Secure Internet users use online banking are generally more aware of the risk of online banking than any other online service. This is not surprising, because if criminals get hold of your login information, or worse TAN numbers (one-time password used in many countries), You can easily empty the account from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately it can happen faster then you think if you are not using good security software.
Even secure connections are useless against “man-in-the browser” attacks. Please note that shipping in not enough either, your PC can be infected by advertising networks on regular websites compromised. For a good overview of the potential risks, please refer to the danger article to your bank account-how to secure online banking. Incidentally, Emsisoft anti-Malware was recently honored for his excellent protection for online banking. Only 4 of the 32 programs tested passed with Emsisoft anti-Malware head.

Use of Security Software with Real-time Protection

If you followed our advice so far, you’ll already be well protected, but there is always a small residual risk. Therefore, it is advisable to use anti-virus software and a firewall. Anti-virus program scans files on your computer with a firewall monitors all inbound and outbound. If there are any suspicious processes, you will receive an alert to warn of the danger. Both programs should provide real-time protection. Regular scans with an anti-virus are obviously important, but can not detect Malware infections exist and may not always be able to remove them.